I used to use the Guardian and it was pretty continuously painful. For that reason plus money (I was paying out of pocket) I stopped using it.

I would like to start using a CGMS again but the prospect of that much pain is stopping me. I have read on CWD forums about using a local anesthetic (EMLA) for pump site and CGMS sensor insertions. Have any of you adults asked a doctor for EMLA? How did they react?
Does EMLA only help with site insertion or does it help with the continuos pain (it hurt the entire time I wore it).

My doctor isn’t pushing CGMS use, the initiative is from me… he’s kinda old school. But I like him.

You can ask your doctor for it. It is a one time application about thirty minutes before the insertion. It would only help the insertion pain. You can not continously use it so it wouldn’t help the pain you are having after the insertion. Have you spoken to MM about the all the time pain you are having? This doesn’t sound normal. I only have pain with the insertion and it goes away. Have you tried different site placement?

How did they react? WELL… I called my pharmacy, they said a generic was available, and that my ins would cover the generic. Then looked on the formulary from my ins policy, and found that it is Lidocaine/prilocaine creme, and comes in 30 gram tubes. I requested it by phone, and gave all the info to my clinic, including why I needed it (prior to sensor insertion) and asked it I needed to make a personal visit for the Rx. They said they would handle it. Just prior to closing, my pharm called to say they got a Rx for LIDOCAINE ORAL GELL. I went to the clinic to straighten it out , and was told I needed to make an appt., an no it could not be today!!1 I went to the ER, and the only thing they could find was straight lidocaine creme, which did not work. I they say my CDE, with the same request, in writing. She said she would have the clinic nurse call it to the pharm. I went to the pharm ( which is very patient what was called in was a lidocaine PATCH. Another trip to the Clinic, called out the nurse (Who I wanted to CALL OUT at that point, she said very reluctantly that she would call in what I asked for,and I went to the Pharmacy at the clinic, instead of my Pharm,it was finally filled. When I used the creme, it was Wonderful, completely number the ares, didn’t feel a thing Yeh!!
Just be sure to wash well After the creme, before putting on the sensor, pod, or insertion site, so the creme doesn’t interfere with adhesive, or ( taint the insertion needle). As to the continuous pain, I felt the sensor site ache for days after insertin without the creme, not since I have been using it. PS The DEX just isn’t working well for me, but I don’t like the 3 day MM, and Abbott isn’t available for now.

I to had insertion pain and most of the time irritation/pain witht the MM CGM (no one told me about EMLA)…but I just switched to Dexcom–and I love it–and for me it has been way more accurate…guess we are just all different, so a good thing there are some choices

I have been using this since I discovered it 15 years ago. It is Lidocaine 2.5%/Prilocaine 2.5% and it comes in 30 gm tubes. The generic is just as good as Emla. I put it on 1 hour before, maybe about a teaspoon or so, and cover with an occlusive seal, such as a tegaderm. It lasts for about 4 hours. before inserting, I scrape it off, and rub a little alcohol on the spot. it’s easy to see where you put it because it temporarily turns your skin a little whiter where you put it.

I recently went to a dermatologist and asked him about long term use of it. He said “no problem” as I am rotating to many different spots. he even confirmed that pediatric use was fine. I know most of the time it only hurts for a second when you insert your infusion set, but I’m a sissy about needles even after 42 years of taking them, and I don’t care. I prefer to feel NOTHING - Ever - when I insert!

By long term - you don’t reapply it when it wears off at the site - it is for insertion only.