Emotional Eating

I just pigged out at McDonald’s. Total emotional eating. The reason why is because I have been floating on air the last three days thinking that I ovulated and that I might actually be pregnant. I track my cycles through basal body temperature, and a sustained temperature shift upward is a good indication of ovulation. But this morning my temp plummeted. It could have been from anything, and I guess I’ll see tomorrow. But I just felt so crushed and depressed.

The funniest thing? While I was shoving the food into my face, I was reading Dr. Bernstein’s book. Emotional eating is terrible because you feel so out of control. You know what you are ‘supposed’ to do, and a large part of you wants to do the right thing. But there is this rebellious child that says “If I can’t have it my way, then ■■■■ you. I’ll just eat my way to oblivion.”

I definitely have my moments too! You are not alone. It is definitely ironic that you were reading Dr. Bernstein! :slight_smile:

Thanks ladies!