Encouragement by phone

A couple of years ago, when i lived by myself for the first time, and was on a similar “take control” mission… i had a strategy, that worked for a couple of weeks.

I would get a good reading and call my mom, just for the support, and to see how it felt nice to relay that information out loud, and she would give me positive feedback and i’d go through my day.

Now, in 2008, with text messaging, i thought it might be neat to get a support network for myself by reaching out to someone on here. This someone would preferably be a woman my age, who has Verizon, so the texts are free, but i would just shoot you a text when i have a good bloodsugar. Even just a smiley face back to confirm would be enough… that sort of thing.

If anyone’s interested, write back.

Do you have unlimited texting w/ Verizon? I have unlimited w/ AT&T. I wouldn’t mind

Hi Sagwabetes, I have Verizon.
A little embarking fact though…I have no idea how to text.
So if you feel like giving me a lesson, I would be more than happy to text or chat with you.

I have another ideal…what about email? Would that work for you?

hey you! you know that you can text me as much as your want too! i would like that i am kinda of going through a hard time right now…