End of Week 3 Marathon Training ---- HOT! HUMID!

3rd week milage: Cutback week, 22 miles. tu 3, we 5, th 3, sat 5(pace), sun 6. Total 22.

Today's Run:

3rd week in an 18 week training plan (www.halhigdon.com), a cut-back week, so long run today was only 6 miles. My goal for my second marathon october 30th is 3:50 min. That's an 8:46 average pace for the marathon, and I shoot for that on my pace days. Long slow days I usually shoot for a 9:15 average. My average today was a 9:09, which was a little too fast and I could tell when I was done. Not to fast that I was wiped, but it was 85 when i started and 88 when I finished with a dewpoint of 70. Which means I went for a swim as much as a run. I was soaked when I was done. The concern about running to fast on the long slow day is not recovering properly, which becomes more important when you are running 5 days or more a week.

My pace day yesterday was a few seconds per mile too slow, though i'm not too worried about it. Its been estimated that you can lose about 15 - 30 seconds per mile (pace-wise) for every 5 degrees above 65 degrees. Its been in the mid 80s to lower 90s all week. I don't think I'm losing that much time per mile, though I know i do slow down a bit from it. I've run in the summer, though I haven't trained for a marathon through it, so I'm not looking forward to those runs over 10 miles. I'll have to run earlier, and eat earlier. Those long runs usually require more food, and that it be eaten a couple of hours before the run. Early morning, Ugh. It was 75 by 8am this morning.

BG before run: 166; After 94. No meds in the morning (I take metformin and glimeperide, though never take either before a run). Metformin reduces liver glucose output (therefore reducing the glucose I need to use in a run), glim. would push my insulin levels up and put me in danger of a low. Even if I'm doing a long run of 10 - 20 miles, I will not take meds, and increase my carb intake, but my BG levels will rarely go above 200; they will be driven down by the run, so I don't worry too much about BG level that lasts an hour or two.