Endo Visit, A1c and Sick Day Plan

Today was another trip to the endo’s. In the process of going for my appointment, I also missed a pop quiz my professor sprang on the class. Life gets you like that.

For you number-crunching people, my A1c is maintained at a beautiful 5.3. I shall continue doing what I’m doing and I’m pretty sure it will stay in the 5’s range for a while. That really made my day!

On another note, I discussed with my endo what I should when I fall really sick - meaning when I’ve got a high fever (which means infection) and my blood sugar goes up.

Based on my daily readings, which are always between 4-6 if you don’t count the time I forgot to take my medication and only remembered 3 hours later, she says that anything up to 8 or 9 should be okay when I am sick. I am just to have lots of water because I’ll be dehydrated and that I am to see the GP to get medication and treat the illness. And if I’m not sure about anything

If I’ve got a high fever which persists for more than 2 days, and my blood sugars are way up (meaning above the 10’s range, based on my low baseline numbers), I am supposed to admit myself to emergency to get checked out. Especially if I’m showing any signs of ketosis.

I think it’s a good plan, and I hope I don’t have to put it into action anytime soon!

5.3 is a great A1C. Good for you, la!

Congrats on your numbers! I’m a little jealous, but in a good way.

What a great question to ask your endo. It’s always good to have a plan when your sick. If anything, it will help alleviate the stress of the question “what should I do?” when you are probably not thinking too clearly.