Endo with T1 for 80 Years

I have been type 1 for 70 years, but there are people who have been type 1 much longer than me. Here is an endocrinologist with type 1 for 80 years. A wonderful story!! Thanks to Petronella Peach for finding this article.

“Last month, Joslin awarded Dr. C Kenneth Gorman the Lifetime Achievement Award for living for 80 years with type 1. Dr. Gorman is one of five recipients of the 80-year medal and the only Canadian recipient thus far. In 1935, at the age of two, Dr. Gorman was diagnosed with T1D. He went on to become an endocrinologist and worked as a research fellow under Dr. Charles Best, one of the co-discovers of insulin. During his time with Dr. Best, Dr. Gorman began corresponding with Dr. Elliott Joslin and accepted a position as an N.I.H. Trainee Fellow in Diabetes at the Joslin Clinic from 1962 to 1964. Dr. Gorman’s next goal is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Insulin in 2021. Congratulations, Dr. Gorman!
For more information on Joslin’s medalist program or to apply, click here: http://bit.ly/1ALNfaS.


Wow!! What a great inspiring story to hear.

Dr. Gorman was my endocrinologist until his retirement. Very dedicated and understanding as I am also Type 1. He told me when he was a very small child, during the early 20’s in Ireland, his mother, (a nurse) was dedicated to treating him with diet and then insulin when everyone in their town said he would not live. He was truly an inspiration to me.


Donna, I’m sure that many of the people here would be interested to hear about any tips, ideas, and approaches to living with T1 that Dr. Gorman shared with you




Hi Lumberjack, I made a typo and meant 1930’s and not 20’s.
I recall stating how important it was (injecting insulin) to list all my daily readings and what I ate. He stated a small snack before I went to bed would avoid any of the lows I experienced. He other tests relevant to my health, at that time.
In addition, my personal tip is my husband,a chiropractor realigns my spine, from time to time I find it beneficial for my well being.