Endo Yesterdayy. :D

My appointment went gooddd yesterday.
I’m 5"8 YESS! and i dropped like 6 pounds, which is awesomeee :smiley:

My control has been waaay better on shots. And i got my blood drawn for my dreaded A1c, but hopefully it’ll be good.

So at my endo’s, when you take too many shots in the same place and the skin starts to get tough, we get a STOP sign stamp. The first time you get the stamp in the place where youve given yourself to many shots, the second time you get the stamp plus get it colored in with red permanent marker, and the 3rd time we get a tattoo ;D

I got 3 stop signs altogether lol! I got 2 one my belly, and one on my arm. plus colored in with permanent marker. :smiley:

So this is what my doctor did to me. :smiley:

5"8? Is that your height?

Oh, and the “STOP” signs look cool…I should do that to myself for my overused pump insertion sites :slight_smile:

The stop signs are awesome - IMO every Endo should do that!

Where were those stop signs when I was shooting up for 35 years? Pay attention as I have much atrophy in my legs and tummy from over doing in same area.

I’m currently picturing where all I would have stop signs on my body. LOL. Awesome.

HAHA I love the stop signs! What a great idea! I guess you better “stop” or you’ll get the tattoo next time.

Glad to hear that you are doing well!

I like that idea, good thing my endo doesn’t do that to me because I would look like a stop sign.