Enlite sensor and arrows

How many minimed pump users that use the enlite sensor with the 630g pump constantly get arrows after eating. One arrow indicates that the sugar is rising more than 1 millimole in twenty minutes. I always get one or two arrows after eating.

Well, your blood sugar DOES rise after eating…

You might try prebolusing at least 15 minutes before a meal if your BG is not low.

I have to be careful because I am prone to lows.

It does take some tweaking to find YOUR perfect pre-bolus time. Keeping in mind, that can change based on the meal youre eating, the phase of the moon, and the alignment of the stars :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, while searching for pre-bolus nirvana, please keep in mind even a non-D person’s BG rises after eating. It almost never will be flat.