Enlite Sensor Startup

I’ve had problems starting a few of my Enlite CGM sensors. The sensor either calibrates way off or the SG reading diverges from the BG so much as to be useless. Then calibrate again and sensor might calibrate 50% low or occasionally high. This can go on 24 hour or more.

I’ve tried this twice: remove transmitter and put back in the charger (< 5 minutes). After reconnecting the transmitter, I select start as a new sensor. It’s worked very well both times. So I’m thinking of waiting longer with calibrating the sensor or maybe waiting with “enhanced” taping until sensor is calibrated and giving decent readings.

Would really like to hear the experience of others and better ideas. Also if the startup of Guardian sensors is better.

I use the minimed 530g system which also uses the enlite sensors. I had trouble with my readings being off about 50 pts up or down. I called the support line and they troubleshooted my CGM and found it was OK. Then after answering some questions from the minimed tech I found that I was calibrating too often and confusing the pump. So be sure to calibrate only 2 to 4 times per 12 hours and not to calibrate your BG consecutively within an hour.

I’ve tried turning the sensor off for an hour plus and then calibrating, but it seldom works.