Enlite Sensors Not Sticking

I just started on the Veo Pump with the new Enlite sensors and I am having a time getting the sensor to stick. I followed the instructions to the letter and even the slightest pull as I remove the inserter kills the sensor (and I am holding the button down as I pull it off). I noticed that just the very center of the sensor would raise up slightly as I removed the inserter. My trainer told me to only use alcohol, but after a number of tries I pulled out an IV Prep swab and had success. Does anyone else have this issue and what do you use to make the skin more sticky? I have no issues with infusion sets, as I don't use alcohol wipes.

We don't have the enlite sensors yet in the US, but I have been using the Sof Sensors since MM started the CGM. I was taught that you cannot insert the sensor through any sort of prep. If the IV prep worked for you, just be sure to apply it in a circle with a 'bare' center where you insert the sensor.

Hi Graeme .

Pleaase descrive how you insert
the sensor ? Do you place the tape first and the insert the sensor on top of it ?

IV Prep is like an alcohol wipe that leaves a slight sticky residue. I was told not to use any prep, but I was really frustrated that the darn thing would not stick. So far the readings are within a couple of points.

I believe the enlite has a smaller adhesive area than the old sensors. I am new to the CGM. I switched from an Animas pump just to get the CGM, so I would like to make this work.

the smaller adhesive area of inlite sensor is irrelevant .Shat keep the sensor in place is the 2 transparent tapes that are used to fix the sensor .
They are very strong and can be very dificult to remove .

Try this when you put a new sensor

* place a tape where o want to put the sensor
* use serter to place sensor but dont remove serter
* wait 15 to 20 seconds
* press button and remove serter
* remove white cover form sensor tape
* remove neadle
* place second transparent tape

if you follow this steps there should be no problem ,if you're problem continue you might have a defective serter .
Many of first serters have to replaced because they eat the sensors.And i mean literaly ,you put the sensor and never more came out .

I hope this help you.

Have you tried Mastisol? You would use it after you insert the sensor.

Enlite Huh? Where did you get that?

Enlite sensors are now available in Canada.

I started to use my Minimed 530G with the Enlite Sensor this month. I have dry skin and it's winter time here. I wonder if that has anything to do with the problem. I also notice the design of the sticky area is too small. Only the 1st 1/3 of the sensor sticky area is used when removing the Serter. I was working with the MM tech and he had no solutions. BTW, my former Dexcom CGM had no such issues. It had a lot larger area of sticky tape to attach to the skin. I notice on YouTube that some people manually insert the Enlite sensor without the Serter.

1803-IMG_2320.jpg (923 KB)

The Square you drew on your photo is not the entire sticky area! There is a piece of paper that gets pulled off - I do that before pulling the needle out - and that exposes the sticky tape that sits below the transmitter. It is shaped the same as the transmitter. It is step 12 in the instruction booklet: 'Hold the sensor in place and gently remove the white paper from under the adhesive pad. Firmly press the adhesive against the skin for a minimum of five seconds.'
Linda B.

I'm so not happy with the Enlite sensors. So far, I've had about a 30-40% success rate. I haven't had the problem you're having but their failure rate is incredible. They tend to last 2-3 days at most and then the calb errors/sensor lost/change sensor errors start popping up like mad. Calling up Medtronic results in a wait time of about 30-40 minutes. Their support isn't bad itself and they have been shipping out a replacement sensor to me each time but the last rep I spoke with told me they're aware of the problem and have received numerous complaints about the sensors.

Spent some time with the Minimed support. They sent me a new Serter and some replacement sensors. I then worked with a local Minimed educator and and she gave me some pointers on how best to use the Serter. Hopefully things will work ok going forward.

On one of the other forums, someone posted that in Europe they now have 'optimized' enlite sensors - a NEW and improved version of them! I wish we didn't have all the FDA red tape to get new products. Their enlites are being shipped with a label that says NEW.