Enough Carbs to get me through the day!

I’m terrible!

During the last 6+ months I’ve learned a lot about the carb content of food. Somedays I eat a few more carbs than I should. Other days, I eat a lot less. I usually try to make “good choices”, when it comes to selecting my “carb choices”. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m human, but I don’t see myself sitting down to a HUGE milkshake.

I’m terrible because I memorize numbers well. If I’ve looked at a food’s carb content I usually end up knowing it offhand, the next time I have that food.

On weekends I work at a coffeeshop. I get MANY customers who get a milkshake, (sometimes with cookies or a bagel on a side.) Many of these customers get this for breakfast. When I first returned to the coffee shop after my hospital stay I kept thinking, “My GOD! This is a whole meal or two for me”. I think I have it figured out that a 20oz flavored shake had 60+ carbs…Throw in the bagel, and you have lunch! My stomach would lurch! There were days I just wanted to go off on these people about what they were doing!

Now, I’m not quite as critical at the choices my customers make! Although sometimes, I do wonder if they realize, what they are doing to their bodies. Today, though a nice enough man walked up to the coffee shop. He was sweating from his walk from the grocery store across the street to the shop. He asked me what the largest size of Mocha Shakes were. Then he ordered that, with extra whipped cream. I tried to “shake” off my thoughts of the carb content. BUT, the overload was what I noticed when I handed him his drink. In his hand was a bag full of 3 maple bar sized donuts.

I think my level went high just from looking at the combination of the shake and the donuts! Definately enough carbs to get me through my day!

It’s amazing how non diabetics can be completely oblivious to the numbers we think about all the time. Usually the concern is fat or calories - or even more often - if I’m not putting on weight, I’m eating right.