When is enough, enough?

Yesterday was a bad day for me. My doctor appointment didn't go they way that I think it should have. I was able to see my regular doctor today and discuss my lab results with him. I also explained to him that the endocrinologist wants me to sit in his office on Monday so he can draw blood from me every hour. Although the test results showed the EXACT same thing as my other THREE lab results showed, my regular doctor suggested that I go to my appointment on Monday for further testing. He explained to me that my hypoglycemia episodes are severe enough that they can be deadly.

So when is enough, enough? How much of my blood do they possibly want? Over the last three months I have given up about 100 tubes of blood. Isn't that enough? Obviously not! Yesterday I went on strike and now today I am forced to come off.

Although my doctor sided with me today, he also stuck up for my endo. He believes that he is a smart man and the only doctor that can get me a diagnosis. He suggested that if I don't get a diagnosis from him from this set of blood work that I ask my endo "nicely" if he can send me to a teaching hospital. To me, all of this seems like a big game of trial and error.

I am trying not to give up...but I'm tired. Tired of all the lab test, finger sticks, urine collections, CT scans, EKGs, Echos, injections, stress tests, the list goes on and on.....