Entering Data in Dexcom

Does anyone enter Date (Carbs, basal, bolus, activity) in Dexcom?

Does your Endo have software to analyze the information?

There is only one entry type of Insulin. Do you enter Basal and Bolus the same way?

It depends on what I am trying to do. If I want to try to track how my correction boluses are working, I will enter the correction amount. That way when I look back at the data, I can see how long it took to fully work out and over what time period. Same with seeing the effect of your carb to insulin ratios, though I would enter the amount of carbs and bolus for that as well.

I don't think most people enter basal under insulin since that is pretty constant and you would remember later when reviewing data. If you see a pattern that you trend high in the early morning, assuming you don't have IOB or food digesting, you could then adjust your basal referring to pump settings orthe amount you inject. Since you don't in most cases need to recall how much basal you took it's not really necessary to enter that info. However, for boluses, it's a bit harder since you may not always inject the same amount or even at the same time of day and there may also be correction boluses. So to better track what's happening, with that entering the bolus info makes it easier so it all displays on one graph (how much insulin, how much carbs or not, and what the general trend and possibly number if you entered that was)

Similar with activity level... though it's vague. However, for me I was trying to get a feel for what effect running had, so depending on the type (long run or tempo or regular) I would use a consistent level as opposed.

All of this information is more for use in review and spotting trends and it's not something I use all the time since it's extra work, but more when I'm trying to trouble check things or to better understand what effect a food, insulin, exercise has.

You don't enter your basal rates. You enter boluses along with # of carbs. You can distinguish this from corrections.

The only thing I enter is exercise. The carbs, basal and bolus comes from my pump.

I enter carbs when treating for a low. That way they are easy to spot. I have had some that are lower than dex shows.