Entering glucose number onto cgm

As my Endo. downloads my CGM every six months when I visit him,
I am wondering if after my bedtime test when I do not take my Novalog (sometimes of coarse I do) should I enter a "0" or skip this entry?
I find this question more difficult than it seems.
Thank you.

I think that once you go past the BG#, it's "entered", if you have the 5/723 pump. I've checked this by going to the "next cal" screen to confirm that the calibration is reset and, more importantly, that it won't wake me up going "METER BG NOW!" in the middle of the night!

Jim - I believe you have Dexcom CGMS, and no pump.
Are you asking about entering your BG number (calibration) or insulin (as an event) ?

If you mean a BG calibration, then yes, enter it so that you'll have 12 hours until the next calibration is required. Never enter 0 as your BG calibration.

If you mean an event for insulin, it's up to you. Entering 0 will show the doctor that you decided to not take insulin, rather than forgotten to enter it, if you think this is helpful for you doctor.

If your doctor is reviewing your Dexcom logs on line, the events will show up on the trend graph. And when he checks the detail of the event, he would see the amount. But if he sees the insulin event without checking the detail, or on printout, he might assume that you had taken some. Most likely the doctor is not looking at that level of detail for 6 months worth of data. Most only really look at details of the last couple weeks.

He would likely benefit more with you NOT entering it. So unless you think it would help YOU, I would say there is no need to enter an insulin event of 0.

Since I have Dexcom, and a pump, I don't bother entering insulin as an event. I just use my pump data. Others with Dexcom, but not a pump may log their insulin on paper, or in phone/ipod apps, etc, or not log at all. I'd be surprised if doctors find many patients that log their insulin in dexcom.

Your correct, MegaMinxX, in saying I use a Dex. and no pump.
I was referring to the amount of insulin as an event. I always enter my amount of insulin taken in my receiver because it is so easy and fast.
I have always wondered if entering "0" is useless. I still calibrate at bed time, dinner, and morning. Appreciate your answer to this question.
In addition I keep a very detailed (coded) log of all my sugar business including what I eat for dinner.This is a terrific aid in determining my amount for a same dinner with a similar glucose number.
My Endo. loves this log.
My last A1c was 6.3%. This is a wee bit higher than the previous one.
My Endo. believes any amount less than 7% is good, but I'm not satisfied with it being nearly this high. Been T1 for 60+ years.

excellent discipline, comment and for sharing your success.

60+ years as T1 - first class. Your comments most helpful and provide guide and re-assurance to rest of us folks.

Thanks Jims, I have been fortunate in many ways.
From day one of my dianosis, however, I have been hearing, "There will be a major breakthrough within five years".
Now I'm just grateful for all the many improvements.
I sure could tell some related stories and have thought seriously about writing a book. I guess I fear after reliving all of the life changeing experiences which resulted in what I am today, few would care.
The last sentence could be: Because of my family's love and support, I am today a healthy, happy, and successful man who happens to have a condition.