Episodes on the Edge of Time II

On the edge of time
the tomorrows are infinite
life and love
flow as one
a stream of hope
and laughter
sorrow shared
and despair
an unfamiliar landscape.

I touch you
I touch life
and love
I feel
All that is you

Let me hold you
hold life
hold love

Let me feel you
feel life
feel love

Slipping away

You go
Where there is no touch
no love
no me

I want our tomorrows
But yesterdays are all there is to be.

On the edge of time
We danced…
And sang…
And laughed…

We played
and knew joy.
We played
and knew wonder.
We played
and knew we would love forever…
On the edge of time.

What will I do
Where will I go
Who will touch me
hold me
when you go.

Who will show me
in the world
of the world.

Who will make me laugh
at myself
in the world…
at the world
in itself.

On the edge of time
I wait…
And listen.
Counting your breaths…
The number finite
within our grasp.

On the edge of time
punctured by grief
I am full of holes.
Where love once flowed
A river fed
by many streams
Levied by the
shape of your face…
the sound of your voice……

Punctured by grief
on the edge of time
the river runs wild
the levies break
And my love runs out

Numbed by the flood
on the edge of time
I wait
And listen
And count……

Will stop
The stream will be damned
Our sorrow shared
Will be mine alone.

But you will be
In me
You will be.

I will read it forever…

Hope we will come with elegant romantic book to share with the world…