Equal and Coffee?

Is it bad? for diabetes that is!

caffeine can cause a spike not sure if decaf would be better. it’s all trial and error

equal has no carbs so no spike there.

Caffeine increases my BG, so I drink decaf. There’s been talk about the risks of aspartame for years. Though I don’t know if it’s an exaggeration, I don’t use it since there are alternatives. Equal has dextrose & maltodextrin (sugar). If you use a lot (like in baking), the few carbs start to add up.

I don’t think the risks of aspartame are nearly as significant as the risks of sugar.

I am lucky in that coffee has no affect on my blood sugar if I use a higher fat creamer (half and half or full cream). I gave up the sweetener alltogether, as the artificial sweetener, even though it doesn’t affect my BG, it gives me cravings which are hard to fight.

so, decaf:/, but there is better tasting coffee with caffeine:( Oh well, Do you know of any decaf with flavors?

I like coffee strong & use French Roast decaf ground for espresso. Doesn’t taste any different to me. There are sugar-fee flavored syrups you can add to for flavoring & sweetness. Monin is a great brand. DaVinci is another.

Every read the DaVinci Code?

Nope, but I’ve seen the film.

How bout either read the book or seen the film, The Secret?
Uh oh, I need to get to sleep , gota get up at 7, but I always make the joke, sleep is over rated, I was in a coma for a mnth and half, so I have alot of awake time to catch up on.

The New Age book? Nope.
Six weeks in a coma. Sorry to hear that.

Not the new age book, it’s called “THE SECRET” by ?. But it is also by Vitale. He also wrote the book titled THE KEY! Kind of has the same premise as THE SECRET!
email me at rickyd227@gmail.com I felt like writting about it for maybe possible futuire jobs working in brain injury?

The Secret I’ve heard of is a new age power of positive thinking how-to type book. Word of caution, don’t list your email address. Spammers troll the web in search of addresses. All someone has to do is Google “@.” You’re opening yourself up to problems.

spammers, and if they send me anything, if I dont know who it is, or if it isnt directed to me I delete it! Plus got norton:)