Eronious low BS readings from handling food?

I know this sounds weird, but are there foods that if we handle would cause a BS reading to appear to be low? I was handling pickles.

After making lunch for me and my daughter yesterday, I took my BS (Without washing) came back at 52. Did not feel low at all. Washed up and it came back at 68. Technically, this is within the margin of error, and I know what its like to be at 50.

Can’t imagine how this would cause an false low reading. I’m usually quick to sense my lows, but I’ve missed a few.

Not all pickles have sugar in the brine.

I did happen to check, no sugar in these pickles.

I agree it makes no sense at all. Just weird, that’s all.

I believe that pickle juice is pretty alkaline, maybe that could cause some issues with the sensor readings

hmmm, I’m no help!

Is it possible that your hand was wet (with water) and the blood sample was diluted?

So, I tested my blood sugar this afternoon after washing my hands and it came up at 85. Pulled out the pickle jar and wiggled my finger in it. (Don’t tell my wife!) Wiped my finger, but did not wash. Retested and it came back at 85.

Mystery solved.

I use a one touch ping for my meter. I have always felt it was pretty accurate. I guess I normally wouldn’t feel like a 16 point difference is that big of deal (94-110, or 85-101 ect) but it was in that range where it could make a big difference.