Can anyone explain to me what this really is? I have gotten this error twice, my last sensor, and the one I ended last night. I get the error, and then get my book out, and it really does not say what it means, or if I can clear and and still use the same sensor. This sensor from last night had been in since 11/20. I ended up removing it, and just started a new one this morning. The last sensor it happened to had been in about the same length of time, but no matter what I did, could not get this error to go away.


you should call dexcom for the official variation of what this means…but i also would call them and they should replace these bad sensors…from what i understand is the values from the BG you plugged in or so different than what it thinks(probably becuase the sensor is bad)…that it doesnt know what to do…

I just started the dexcom 2 days ago and keep getting two errors 1) “???” and 2) err 1 . It’s quite irritating because I am not getting clear answers either!

when you get the ??? wait 2 hours and see if it resolves itself. If it does (which the 2nd time I got this, it resolved itself however the first time no). If it hasn’t resolved itself call dexcom and they will send yu a replacement sensor and it arrives quickly too.

I haven’t gotten the err1 yet knock on wood But if I do, I will know to call dex.

If you get ERR1, sometimes it will resolve itself with no action required. That happened to me earlier today. My fingerstick said 94 but the Dex said 174. I entered the 94, and it prompted me to fingerstick again and enter it. That fingerstick was 96, and when I entered it I got the ERR1 code. Within an hour the Dex was working fine. My sensor is about 5 days old and has been working fairly well…not perfect but not bad. Not sure why it was so far off the fingerstick values, but that’s reality sometimes.