Error? No Error? what, Im confused, and scared

About a week ago I kept getting an error one when i’d open my kit to grab my freestyle to test. if you use your ping’s kit then you know what I’m talking about. I would open it and the meter would be saying that there was an error 1 or something, and nothing was wrong with my pump, it never did that when i would bolus or anything it would do it before I even went to bolus. but since the day I called the company I haven’t seen it do the error. huh?! what is going on? what do I do, do I still send it back and get a new meter?

I’m not sure what 'error 1" is, but i occassionaly get an error message that occurs (as best i can figure) when I’m trying to bolus and the pump is delivering a basal dose at the same time. It comes back with an error message that says, “unable to communiate with pump.” It gives the bolus, but i had to check to make sure the first couple of times it happened. In all cases, the pump and meter are within a foot of each other. Not sure what’s going on there…bottomline is there is no error here either. anyone else have this happen?

yeah I get that unable to communicate with pump one too. but these are two completely different things, the error one doesn’t give a reason why it’s giving me the error. so im just going to call the company and get a new meter. I hope it’s not the pump if it is bye bye pump.