Esophageal Spasm episode @ the ER

I just came back from the ER. This morning, I was feeling a pain in my throat (not like sore throat, but more like something was stuck in there, somehow) which continued to travel down to my chest.

Naturally, we got concerned, so Andreina took me to the local ER. After an EKG and bloodwork, they confirmed it was not heart related. They had me drink something to verify it would be in my esophagus and indeed it was. I had what’s called an esophageal spasm.

The cause of esophageal spasm is not known but it is more common in people with acid reflux disease (which I had back in 2001). Very hot or very cold foods or foods that are not chewed enough before swallowing may trigger an episode. I suspect taking my morning pills triggered it this time: I had never experienced something like it, I sure am glad I am over the episode now.

yikes! Am glad u are ok and u found out what it was without any more long drawn out tests. ER trips can be expensive as it is!

Manny -glad you are all right! I have those also - and it has contributed greatly to my gastroparesis. Take care!

Glad you are okay. Take care.

Glad to hear that you are alright Manny!

Oh no, Manny! Glad they determined what it was!!!

So sorry you had to deal with that. But I have to say, I LOVE YOUR leather bracelet!!! Did you make it yourself?

Awww! Poor you. That must have been scary. I’ve never heard of that one. Thank goodness it’s over and thank God it wasn’t your heart. I’ll have to tell my Hubby this one. He usually comments on my slow eating(he wolfs his down) and overchewing my food. :slight_smile: Anyways, Happily, you’re okay.

Glad that you are OK! That indeed sounds scary!

I’m glad the outcome was a good one for you. I would have been scared. Please take care. You have a cool medic bracelet.

Am glad everything turned out ok!,Great leather bling!

Wow…quite a scare I bet!!! Happy to hear all is well! Remember now…chew, chew, chew!!!