Estore Support

So very irratated with the estore support. I placed an order 2 sundays ago for a bunch of cases and and iv prep. They have yet to send out anything because of insurance and the iv prep. I really don’t need the iv prep but thought i should order some anyways. I have left a ton of messages for them and have yet to receive any feedback that department. So I have been speaking with pump sales since they are the only ones to answer the phone. I am seriously considering returning my pump because the support sucks. They have already taken my money for these items and won’t ship them so I have no cases to carry my pump. This makes getting any exercise impossible. Any suggestions???

Since my big mess with my estore order (which you can read about here) I was told the estore has “issues” and was told not to use it. This was by a very high up person at Animas.
I asked them, if it has issues why do you keep it open? No answer.
Btw, the supply supervisor was no help (actually lied to me) but the next one was a bit better. I was finally contacted after filing two feedback forms.
You’ll be better off calling the toll free number, and pressing the key for supplies.
However, judging from some of the postings here you may not get a live person right away.
They have cracked down on how many sets and cartridges they are sending out, which is tying up everyone’s order and causing a lot of delay. I personally suspect something else is going on, but cant of course prove it.
My order, btw, took a month and was screwed up and held up from the day I placed it online.

Well I understand your frustration it can get to us at times. There are other alternatives for carrying your pump, I bought my daughter who’s 14 years old and also uses Animas a cell phone case for her to wear while in school. My mom who knows her way around the sewing machine made her pouches in different colors for her to wear at home. But a cell phone case work too and they don’t cost as much as their cases do on line. They are a bit over priced and not cute . But try it and let me know how it works out. Have a blessed day !!!