EtRick part 1.1

EtRick part 1.1

A few months ago I was blessed to be visited by a serious infection in my skin on the right side. That infection was eventually cleaned out by digging a 1 ½” wide, by 3” long, by 2 ½ “deep wound at that site. It took about 7 weeks to clear it up, after going to the wound center at my local hospital. Since I was describing it to one of our European members (we do get around) she suggested it be humorously named in honor of the European Tswaing Crater , thus EtRick sort of stuck. I wear the label with pride. LOL

Once EtRick healed I went on my way that is until Last Wednesday February 12, 2014 when all of that changed quickly. I was on my way to breakfast with friends, and I noticed a bit of a pain in my right side. I put the original set in on Sunday February 9, 2014, and I figured I would pull it when I got home last Wednesday morning. But on my way to the early morning breakfast on the 12th I felt a familiar pain. I rushed breakfast and arrived home about 2 hours after the first pain. I walked in the door and immediately pulled the set and placed another one on my other side. What I was left with was a hard red place surrounding the former site. By the end of the day it was slightly warm and on Thursday morning I called the doctor and got in that afternoon on Thursday February 13, 2014.

When I got to the doctor she and I noted its size was about three times what it started at on that morning. It was very warm and the red spot was about twice the size as when I left the house. In fact the new red spot had now consumed about half of the former site.

The doctor decided to provide two interventions. The first was a shot about the size of Baltimore, and as thick as Kayro Syrup. I also was given an oral antibiotic. She asked that I return on Friday February 14, 2014. On that day I was blessed with another shot, and instructions to continue the Oral Antibiotic and return on Monday. Fortunately on Monday the warm wound had cooled, and the red was receding. Today the red spot is about the size of a child’s dinner plate. I am still on the antibiotic and I will not need to see the doctor again unless it goes out of control.

It will be fine, the site will eventually clear and the doctor suggested that once it does I can return to that side for another placement. I doubt I will do that, or at least I won’t in the immediate vicinity. This was way more a scare than a real issue. It has now been one week since I saw the doctor and I would say thank you to her so much for starting the heavy duty antibiotics. I asked my doctor what she thought of using that area again. She felt it would be fine. However she did note that I likely have surface bacteria that is getting into the wound and that I should be very careful.

This is my third such infection over the past 10 years and it is tough when one has it. Getting immediate treatment is important and I believe that two shots of antibiotic I got on successive days probably saved the day.

It may not be surprising I had these two deep rooted infections in quick order. I do use Immunosuppressants for the Rheumatoid Arthritis. So I suppose I should at some level get used to it. I am hoping I do not need to get use to any more anytime soon.



Hi Rick, I'm glad EtRick I and II are under control. May I make a modest suggestion--try MDI! I do hope your RA goes into remission soon (it does happen, mine did so. Until then I'd sure consider trying MDI, at least for a while. I used to be on a pump also, and certainly my Diabetes was under better control; still, I'm not dealing with infections or lack of delivery and so on. At any rate, best of luck.

glad to hear ur ok rick

Thanks for posting, Rick. Glad that hear that you are okay! And it's a great reminder to all of us to take any signs of infection very seriously.

Best wishes to you for no more craters!


What was so scary was how quick it went wild. I mean in less than 24 hours it went from hurts to occupying almost my entire right abdominal area. Right now it is a patch of dry flaking and red skin about the size of my fist. I am so thankful that the doctor acted so quickly. Also I am blessed that I got to see my mom's infected areas. It gives me a great fear of infection and a recent for how fast things can go wrong. Some how I sort of feel my mom stepped in on this one. She has been gone for nearly 45 years now. But I really understood how quickly I flash back to her many issues and draw on it to make it through issues like this.

i'm praying for EtRick 1.1 to go away soon, take care!