Eureka Moments

I’m a hardcore bargain seeker, and I love drugstores like CVS. (that allow you to get Extra Bucks back on various purchases, as well as Extra Bucks on prescriptions) Fair to say, I frequent the place 2+ times a week (and know the layout of 6 CVS stores around here) Some people, can get their out of pocket expenses down to under $1…well,I never quite got that good(79 to 2 once) That was easier when they’d run series of coupons(15 off 75, 10 off 50, 6 off 30, 5 off 25, 4 off 20, 3 off 15, 2 off 10 a nice little free $45 off there. Now, they only do 4/20’s. Anyway…when you’re getting something and you have to have a “filler” item to reach 20 its hard to know what to get sometimes. But today…I found the perfect item, that has an 100% markeup(reselling) on Ebay. Thats good for me…because I have alot of Extrabucks to burn and need a way to convert them to cash.(EB expire, after about a month) Thus, good for the diabetes care too…more cash to buy the never ending prescriptions with!

In other news, my endo ran the complete yearly thing(lipids, thyroid, cbc, microalbumin, various hormones) on me today + I await the loveeeeeeely news. At least it wasn’t the 24 hr, jug of urine in the refrigerator deal.