Even Angels get angry

Owning up to my Angel that I had broken one of her collecting boxes inches by 12 with 24 separate compartments which she kept stuff which she uses making family albums photos and other things really trying to find the word for what the hobby is but I am a bit upset because I upset her and she is in a bit of a mood, and that has made me low at he moment not nice when you are waving your loved one goodbye as she drives of to work,crafting that is what she does,I could have kept my mouth shut and perhaps I should have done for there are times when all we seem to have is each other but honesty at least keeps my conscience clear even though the consequences can be worse than the deed.

I was hovering the landing and tried to open her den room well a little bedroom where she can shut herself of from the World I have lots of them about the house I seem to fill up every room with my stuff it is a bit like my mind cluttered and full of junk,I tried to open the bedroom door but I could not so like a bull in a china shop I used brute force well known for it when a slight push of the hand will do I have to go in like police raiding someones house.

Two mistakes right away one I should not have been hovering as it cream crackers me and the most important rule of all for a Klingon never go into anyones room without permission or you will have to answer to the High Council of the Klingon Empire thought I was doing good trying to hoover just goes to show one good thought can bring the house down around your head,so here I sit on the naughty chair it is like being 3 again or being at school and waiting for the teacher to let you take of the Dunces hat and sit down no wonder i take anti depression pills need one now,what can I say that I did not say this morning sorry sorry sorry but I guess you have to suffer for your love, Vincent Van Gogh knew that is that how you spell his name you know the bloke who played him in the movie think of his name soon computer in my head checking…10 minutes later still thinking Kurk Douglas although I see others have played him as well, have to atone for my mis behavior but I guess I will be made to suffer for a long time.
Note for Men Only
Before you open your eyes in a morning pray hard that you do not incur the wrath of a woman men treat situation differently we are more understanding caring and loving OK girls i know the back lash will be great so take pity on me for after all i am but a mere man.

I hope to hear soon that you are well and truly forgiven.

Cyber hugs wending your way, but very platonic ones. We don’t want to upset the lady further. ;0)