Even Angels weep

Sitting here watching the rain pitter patter on the french windows I thought and I do have them from time to time where has that man about energetic busy person gone who use to be me,true I was never a sports person,but when I worked,my life so busy I use to complain about it,now having to sit and look at these four walls day in day out and only dreaming of the long walks the skip and sometimes a jump as I went on my merry way could and does make me a little depressed now and then,self pity is something you must avoid at all costs a great sage once told me the life you were given will be full of ups and downs for if we do not make mistakes how are you ever to learn the path of enlightenment to be honest my life has been like a torch where the batteries often run down and you have to tread carefully do as not to fall over one's feet,diabetes visited me in the 80s before it was diagnosed I had not even thought about it,sure I got very tired and my work suffered I made more and more visits to the toilet especially during the night,when the doctor told me I had diabetes a hole opened up under my feet and I am still groping about in the dark looking for a ladderto get me out of my pit of despair,in 2004 while painting a ceiling I had a heart attack not going to explain how it felt except to say I had never known pain until that time,praying helped and I was eventually rushed to hospital,the rest is history,14 pills a day two insulin injections a day and one bydurian injection a week kinda sees me through,depression yes I have that too and it sometimes joins the heart condition and diabetes to drag me through hell,but I still wake up the next day and wonder at Gods creation me looking back at myself in the mirrow while I try to shave myself guess what I am trying to say is deal with the moment in front of you you are in good hands even if the grip untightens sometimes my wife and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversay on the 30th of Septembernot even diabetes heart condition or depression could stop that take care and take care of those you love

Lovely bolg, yes even Angels weep.