Even good stress is bad for BGs

Any poker playing Ds out there? I’ve recently taken up the game and I love the exhilaration, but I have yet to play a night of poker without sky high BGs. My last outing, I even limited consumption of extra carbs (i.e. the potato chips, pretzels, etc) that are invariably lying around. I started the night increasing my basal by 40% and steadily increased it as I saw my numbers rise. I ended up increasing my basal by 70% and still hit 250.

I’m starting to wonder if this is just an activity that I’m going to have to eliminate (which would suck). Anyone have similar circumstances that they’ve figured out how to get a handle on? I suppose it doesn’t have to be poker, just anything that kicks in the stress hormone.

i would just set a “Poker Basal” for those nights you’re playing.

Wow that is really interesting. I hope you get some good advice!

Hi Mike
Actually I had a similar experience one night playiing poker, but it was from laughng like a lunatic for about 2 hours or so. I had eaten a salad with grilled chicken for dinner at this birthday party (adult). Some of the men decided as we played cards to teach us women how to properly play strip poker. We wound up setting the men up and nothing ever got too far out of hand, but we laughed so much we had tears running. During this hysterically funny evening I had drunk diet caffeine free coke and had one shot of tequila, straight up. Normally the tequila should have dropped me. But this was the funniest, craziest evening I have spent in many years. I wound up with a blood sugar of 439. I have no idea how I managed that or where it came from, but I would not trade the laughter and fun of that evening for a better reading. I am just glad I had my insulin with me.
I don’t know how to change your blood sugar for the evening, but i hope you keep on having fun. Life is too short not to.