Even Robins miss Christmas

Turning out to be a topsy turvey year Bydurian stopped to help with weight loss replaced with Insulartard InnoLet neither of which seems to be ding much good bloods still high and worried about all the insulin I am taking each day 60 units of Novomix 30 in the morning and 58 units at tea time as well as 16 units of Innolet at 10pm each night.
In addition to heart pills gout pills colestral and other pills 13 in toal each day I ssem to be a living experimental laboratory sorry about any spelling mistakes mind kinda fuzzy right now,in additon pricking myself 3 times a day with insulin and 4 times a day to check bloods I know how a pin cussion feels ouch.

My own Angel Sheila really takes care of me left to me pills would be missed and insulin not taken some days have trouble remembering what I have taken or not taken,doctor told me keep stress at a minimum anyone know what that is,I am by nature a worrier wish I was a warrier,you know what I mean even if I do not,life is stressful enough waking up is stressful cats meowing for attention at 2am is worrying,living in South Korea would be worrying in fact everything in my life is worrying.

What does the future hold who knows by the Grace of God I still have time

left to right the wrongs I have done and become a better person before I am called from a cool cloudy sky Shire take care all.