Even spiders webs get iced

Love them or hate them for me spiders are fine in the garden on their webs and doing what they do best keeping out of sight of humans,get one running for its dear life across the carpet or gingerly climbing up the curtains then my daughters and Angel go into panic state,house spiders are big and can run faster than I can well if I had eight legs I could do the four minute mile in 3 minutes or less,I remember putting my jacket on once and out of my right eye saw something crawling on my shoulder now I know spiders like to make friends but this close I was jumping up and down like a jack in the box the spider must have thought his/her days were up I certainly thought mine was,to shocks like this increase or decease your sugar levels if anyone knows please let me know for the next time.

I usually try to catch them give them a good talking too and tell them outside they are fine indoors no way then I let then go in the garden I catch them in a way that no animals were hurt during the writing of this blog, using a plastic bug and a lid so they do not bolt like vegetables in the garden trying to make seeds,going outside to wave goodbye to my Angel yesterday I turned to see this poor spiders cobweb all covered in ice the stands were solid so no way the spider could tell if anything tasting good had mistakenly dropped by you know a flying takeaway

If Tesco's read this please note free publicity on the light bulb all donations to my World cruise fund welcomed