Evening Eating

I have been away for a while. Am going to try to get back to checking this site again. I am going to try to not eat after 7:30. That is when your body need to be fasting. I do my worst munching at around 9- 10. How about you all?

I struggle with this, too. My dear husband keeps me away from the refrigerator. I am allowed (by me) to have a cup of de-caffeinated tea with skim milk if I have it before 8:30. De-caff tea with skim milk is how I make myself drink enough liquids.

It’s hard to diet. I applaud your effort and will think good thoughts for you in the evenings.

thats the same thing with me thats when i really want to find the good stuff and i know its not good

Evening is the hardest time for me as well. I didn’t realize that I piece so much after dinner and before bedtime. I find that I have convinced myself that I am still hungry during that time. But…I am doing much better. I take dinner to my son most nights while he is working. That way his girls and I don’t piece at home. I can just visit with him and that keeps me occupied. I still will occasionally grab a small bag of cashews (12 carbs) and munch on them. but, usually I have used up most of my carbs for the day with dinner. I am cutting back on the snacks and so far have lost 2 lbs in the last week. I just started the first of February. I gained a pound the first week and lost 2 the next week. That makes me down one. Yeah! It is really hard to diet conservatively. Losing a couple of lbs a week is so slow, but I know that is the best way to lose and keep it off. So…I chug along at that rate. Keep up the good work. And if anyone knows of something that is low carb that can be munched on during this time frame, please let us know. I would love to have it covered for the days that my son doesn’t work. Some will-power huh? lol

I’m the same. I always get hungry at night.
Used to have dinner around 8.30 to stop this but then realized that was too late to be having dinner (also my Diabetes Educator wasn’t too happy with me eating that late) so now I try to have dinner around 6.30. Problem is I don’t usually go to bed until after midnight and in between those 4 hours i get all sorts of cravings. I have to admit that sometimes i give in to them and other times i try to distract myself by getting on the pc and keeping busy so then i forget.

Hi Angela
It makes sense to stop eating three hours before one goes to bed. But many times i do have a small scoop of low calorie ice cream two hours before bed time. guess that is why i am not losing weight.

I am in bed by 8:30pm and up at 4:55am. My wife makes me different types of no cook cheesecakes. Right now I am working on a peanutbutter one that is killer about 9gm of carbs.

she makes it with cream cheese, coolwhip, peanutbutter and 2 packs of a sweetner. The curst is shopped peanuts.

Seh also does strawberry and chocolate

I have this about 7pm. My fasting overnight BG reading this morning was 86

Russell, I would love to have the recipe that your wife works with. It sounds like it would be a good treat to have cheesecake when the urge for sugar comes into play. I like the bgs in the morning. You’re doing great. Thanks.


1/2 cup peanutbutter
4oz cream cheese
small tub of coolwhip

in a mixing bowl blend the cream cheese and coolwhip and then add the peanutbutter. Blend till fluffy.

Chop up enough peanuts to cover bottom of pie tin. Mix with Smart Choice butter substitute and press out. chill

Add the filling to the pie shell - chill and server with sugar free jam on the plate and the slice of pie on top of that.

Cool whip makes a strawberry flavor and a chocolate flavor that you substitute for the peanutbutter.

We use almonds for the shell on strawberry and chocolate.

I cut them in 8 pieces and they last me all week.

I keep sugar free jello cups in the fridge all the time along with sugar free jello pudding cups. Mix with a little cool whip and you will think you are cheating.

I like banna with chocolate 19gm and the vanilla and carmel sp?

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to give it a try.

they all sound good to me i will have to try them but know i cant have chocolate anymore and the doctor tells me that i cant have coffee or tea so i asked what can i have they took all the stuff that i like away lol.but i will try all the stuff you all have here. thank you so much for this web page.

my fave snack in the eve is no fat greek yogart with fresh fruit in it
i have that about 6:30 with a herbal tea then im fine after that

I have to agree this is my worst time also… I have been eating a grapefruit! It has filled me up and helped with my “dawn phenomenom”!

To help combat my after dinner cravings I have started drinking a glass of Mug Diet Cream Soda. It has 0 calories and it tastes good.