“Ever get to the point that you ask yourself why?”

“Ever get to the point that you ask yourself why?” It has been one of those years already but at least it should only get better as it goes. Got up BGL 384 so I stopped to think well I ate late and had high carbs so I will recover today normal 40cc Lantus light breakfast just prior to eating I took 10cc of Humalog wait an hour after eating and I get a 484 BGL. I am really wondering since I have started the pen am I getting the proper amount that it says because levels are off. After getting control and then changing Doctors, Diet and Medications I get sick once more but levels not this high. Maybe I have got all too happy to drop my dosage and have done so too quickly. This battle seems to continue. So once more “Ever get to the point that you ask yourself why?”
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If the 384 was going up, it may have been going up faster than the 'log could catch it? I try to test twice before I eat to make sure I know which direction it’s going? I sort of hedge my bets b/c I have a CGM too but if it says 70 and I test my BG and it says 90, I will find stuff to do while the insulin catches up to the morning. I had a lot of trouble with DP before I got the pump. I blamed DP for alot of the confusion I experienced before I started pumping. Starting every day off like that is pretty demoralizing. Another thing I did was exercising, although that’s a bit riskier if you are taking shots before you hit the road/ treadmill/ pool or whatever?

Knowing without testing I ate lunch with 10cc once more waited almost 2 hours to test and got 277 this time. I do belive that being sick has alot to do with it but we are all sick and can not keep a routinue with all this going on so that is causing problems as well.

This might not be your case, but a friend of mine is having problems with her Lantus fizzling out after about 2 weeks. I would suggest opening a new pen – save your old one just in case it isn’t the pen. If your BS comes down, it may or may not be the pen. Try the old pen again & if it goes back up, chances are good it is the pen.

I am having a problem with Apidra also and the same company that makes Apidra makes Lantus. I am on a pump and never thought it was the insulin because it worked for over a week before I started having problems. It did it with 2 vials. I was ready to rip a site out and changed my cartridge to a new vial instead and my BS came down. It seems to be dying at about day 10 for me.

When I was on Lantus, I had to swith to 2 shots a day. Once at 6:00 a.m. and other at 6:00 p.m. or I had severe highs after dinner and severe lows in the a.m. Switching to two shots really even things out.

Hmm, I don’t usually go up that much even when I am sick, more like 150-200? I would think maybe it’s the pen? I have read articles suggesting that needle size doesn’t really matter but I was always partial to the longer, thicker needles? I didn’t do any sort of objective experiment (as if such a thing would be possible?) but I just felt like I could feel the insulin going in better. I see adds for the miniscule needles they are using these days and am sort of like eew.

well i think tonight I will go to 45cc 2x daily because my doc wants me at 150 in the morning max and on Levemir I was at 120 or so and my insurance coverage dropped Levemir I can not afford to just purchase it every month. I was told I can go up to 60cc twice a day with it as needed. It is not the pen I have had ups and downs since I started Lantus I thought it was the switch of meds at first but it has been 90 days at least and still same results. I just started to use my new meter and wow not what I wanted to start with for a reading.

Dear Phill

Sorry to hear of your plight. You sound extremely insulin resistant. Are you on predisone or some other steroid? If not you may need a super low carb diet to get the blood sugar closer to normal.

this may be the answer here. I went to doctor on Friday and I started taking Advair 2x daily so maybe they are fighting each other now I call in the Morning to find out about that one and thanks for the reminder. I am so glad I did not go to school to be a doctor.

Advair = Fluticasone, a corticosteroid, is the anti-inflammatory component of the combination, while salmeterol treats constriction of the airways. Together, they relieve the symptoms of coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

Probably the same effect on BG as predisone. Ask if there is any alternative. Corticosteroids are NOT for diabetics. Actually I heard some people became diabetic after taking them.

Med school is so intense and complicated I wonder if they remember anything.

Phill best of luck

I had some steroid, sorry I can’t remember which one, rx’ed for a nasty cough and doubled the basal rate on my pump. That could be a bit dicier w/ shots but that worked nicely for me, although it was only for about a week?

Phil< yesterday am I woke up and said about 10 things that lead up to I am sleeping in, forget my shot, forget eating!
I do have days I wish like H***, I could just give up! But reality hits and then I am back to my strong Willed person I am…but sometimes it just feels good to think that…

I grumble getting my shots, and it hurts, and I think WHY!

My BS have been up and down, and I know this cycle…things go good and then all of a sudden and out of know where my Numbers go nuts, with no rhyme or reason…

So just gotta sit back and take in a deep, deep breath, and know your not alone:) We all have TUDIABETES:) and we all care about eachother:)

I do almost every day. So how do you cope? I just do. Think of it as being the marathon man.

rick phillips

Well, Ifyour Dr. Gave you a Steroid , he should have at least mentioned it will Drve your BG’s crazy… If he doesn’t? Call him up and Say hey Doc? Thanks a lot for not telling me this would happen!

Anytime you get One New med to take… from a GP? or?
-ask if it is a steroid
-Look it up on the net
-Call your Endo and double ck
Or ? All of the above…/

9 out of 10 Dr.'s are Clueless about Our Disease…
and have tunnel vision

and I wouldn’t be depending on just using the Lantus… That stuff is Very Erradict…I had to put up with it for yrs until Levemire came out…

If you can? KeepGood #'s and records using that Lantus and showing it’s Not Getting the job done, to present your case to either Get back to Levimire or Get a :Pump…
and keep a 2-3 hr egg timer at your nitestand… I ended up getting up at 3 hrs everynite, testing and just taking a Correction Bolus of Nlog to have good AM #'s and Not Go hypo using too much Lantus at bedtime…

I call my bad days “diabetes days from hell.” I had one last Friday–went from too too high to very low. They don’t happen too often, but I sure hate them. I just try to figure out the root cause and pull myself back into good steady control. I also say out loud “I HATE THIS F***ING DISEASE.” That makes me feel a bit better.

P.S. Hi Phill!

Well after speaking to my endo and spoke with respatorary doc here is what I get. We have to work out a system for me on a long term basis. Advair will help get me well for the moment so I have to dal with it for a few weeks untill i get approved for the home breathing treatments or I can go to hospital 3x daily and wait to get them and it is over 50 miles away. The days that every asmatic does not want to see come is I will be on a O2 tank but I will feel like I am alive once more. I have a script for Levemir it is 3x128 to fill so I will be waiting on that till Insurance makes a decision.

Dear Phill

That is bad news. Your plan B is to go very low carb. No bread, cereal, cookies,pasta, oat meal, rice, patato, Eat meat, fat and some non starch veggies: green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, salad, peppers and things like these. Once you get your sugar in the normal range you can re-examine your diet.

For me levemir does not work as well as lantus but we are all different and it is worth a try.

Thanks Anthony I am using plan D I think, lol. Up meds eat little and move as much as I can so that I stay out of hospital.