Ever notice the 'light' option when testing......finally tried it....kinda cool. :-)

Ok, I guess I didn't have enough initial training :-)...but occasionally I notice that there is a 'light' option when I stick my test strip in my PDM. Sometimes I stare at it and wonder if it is for 'lite' strips....no Insulet must know how to spell. :-) Ok so I finally pushed it. The little light came on so I can find the blood on my finger in the dark. Pretty cool. How many times have I tried and tried to test quietly in the dark and not disturb my husband in the middle of the night when I am low or high and don't completely trust the number on my CGM...or my CGM alarmed? Anyway, I think it will help.....hopefully I will remember to push it when I need it.

I always thought the light was too dim to be any good, but it was a nice try on Insulet's part to do this.

I use it for night testing all the time! No, it's not super powerful, but it's good enough to find the drop on my finger without turning on the actual light in the wee hours of the morning :)

I find it functional enough to use in the dark. My only problem with it is that the light is directed down the center of the strip and doesn't illuminate the blood collecting tabs very much. I think it needs to be diffused a little bit so the light is spread out a little more.

It's perfect for discreetly testing BG. It's probably the one reason why I still occasionally use the pod for testing. I've used it countless times in movie theaters and dimly lit restaurants.

It's not going to help you find your way out of a bat cave, but it serves its purpose.

BTW, just started the new pods system this morning. Hadn't looked at the light on the new PDM I got. It is noticeably brighter than my old PDM. With the old PDM I also had stuck buttons alarms a lot. I think I may have had a bad PDM before. Oh well, it worked when I needed it to.