Every Have one of those moments

Ever have a moment when it seems that your body knows better then you or that something or someone is looking out for you. I just had one. I was laying down for a nap before work and started to dream, which is odd since I never remember anything about any dream usually. But I distinctly remember hearing someone say “Jim wake up test yourself” as my eyes are snapping open and I am bolting up and I notice I am sweating. Get up test myself sure enough 45. Look at the time figure I had another hour before the wife was to wake me and I guess I miss judged my carb intake with dinner and had taken to much insulin. Lucky I woke up when I did. Just makes me think.

Yep, i had some of those moments. Once I had a dream that I was in danger and I was running away from something. I knew something was wrong in my dream. I wake up sweating and shaking. I go for the meter and I am at 62. So interesting how our subconscious knows to keep us in check.

I always find it interesting when the endocrinologist asks if I’m having bad dreams. I guess strange dreams are a symptom of highs/lows for a lot of people.
Glad you woke up and tested.

I have dreams like that too. But I actually dream that I am low! When i wake up I am sweaty and just by my fast heartbeat I know right away I better check cuz I am low! Weird how that happens huh? I thought it was just me!

A professor of mine before said to me that dreams are sometimes manifestations of one’s greatest fears or desires… I guess for us diabetics, one of our fears is for our numbers to go extreme.
So much things unexplored/unexplained between the correlation of the mind and the body.
Ive had some of those episodes…and when I test I am low.
Glad you woke up…

Last year I passed out from low BS. I could hear a voice calling my name – the voice was a guy I actually know but I was alone at the time. I thought it was kind of freaky, but glad to see that I am not the only person that has happened to!

Yep. I’ve had odd dreams or a nagging feeling that’s awakened me from lows. Not a voice, though that would be helpful!

Before being diagnosed, I had the most vivid amazing dreams. Must have been high BG. I miss those dreams.

Always during the night or when napping, I just wake right up with no symptoms and test, not unusual for me to find a 38, 44, or 68. Just now saw a halo on PC screen and tested, it was 63. So for me, someone somewhere is watching over me.

I know of have Insulin unawareness and have for the last 3 years. The unawareness at one time started at 80 then 70 and now it is when under 60. The only thing I notice is a Halo, on the TV or around a light or during the sleep it is just there. I just wake up and thank the Big Guy in the sky.