Everyday is exactly the same + Robot power

Hey Everyone out there.

I was just wondering if anyone else feels like we are asked to live like robots…and ever year or whatnot… just when you think you have this figured all out, the medical community ask you to change again… like we are computers with a new software up date (I feel like vista… sorry about the nerd joke).
But really ..... I can see the future and it is this game over and over again...
I am just wondering how everyone else out there deals with all this crazyness.

I understand how you feel…maybe because of the repetitive routine we have to take each day. It becomes so monotonous sometimes. Sometimes I wish too that maybe we can have a software upgrade for a better pancreas…LOL I guess I just developed this mind frame that if the change does me good…bring it on! =)

you reminded me of this nine inch nails song. I listened to it for about 3 months every morning on my way to work


I’d that why I break all the rules some days, I hate receptiveness to but really try to think of it as no different then doing anything else I gotta do (that being tricky part lol)