Everything.... for real

Okay so you're going to get a little bit of what's going on inside my head right now... because if it remains there, who knows what kind of mess that will be. And I don't know if I'm writing this for you or for me (or a little bit of column A AND B...) so if you're expecting anything to do with anything, you may not be satisfied. Be forewarned.

I haven't talked to this guy for like, a whole year. And couldn't stop thinking about him for like, a whole year. Agony. I'm sure someone out there knows what I mean, and if you do not, count yourself among the lucky ones immune to this lil' thing called 'obsessing'. And at the risk of sounding like the typical teenage girl and repeating myself, I was really into the guy...REALLY. I stopped things with him before they really started because it wasn't really going to go anywhere (looong story... maybe in a sequel I will reveal). But a stupid part of me wished I didn't. The smart part of me wanted to squish the stupid part of me, but it still clung on to torment me.

Aaannnyy way, who emails me, out of the blue, right when I think I'm getting into a good part of my life? Mr. Guy-I-am-talking-about, that's who. Mr. Giata? Haha that works. Ok so Mr. Giata emails me... and boom, the smart part of me kicks it into high gear and pounces on the 'delete' button before I can register anything. Yay, go smart part of me! But then.... yes, that's right, there's a "but"...I go into my deleted mail. Good news: it's the same subject heading as the mass email he sent out at Christmas (how endearing), the China health study. Something about nutrition and its amazingness. And then stupid part of me pipes in "Um, excuse me, but what if he is sending a personal email from his last email to you, and simply kept the same heading?" Smart part of me easily dismissed this with a "Ha, dont be silly. And get out of the garbage, you're making me sick." But I hovered there in the trash area of my email... and yes, clicked on the forbidden link.

When it opened, I was suprised to see the same file attached, but it wasn't the same Christmas greeting I read long ago. Something like "Hello Valerie... blah blah blah file, contains information about the link between diet and diabetes. Blah blah, end."

Oh, how personal. Ping! Bullet in my heart for thinking I was getting an actual email. Ping! Bullet in my heart for someone forgetting about my real type of diabetes. Ping! Ping! Bullets everywhere for opening this door.

Hey I'll admit, I tend to be a little over dramatic. But if I wasn't, then how else would I have entertained you up until this point?

Anyway I didn't have anywhere else to go with this, so I thought I'd share it with my fellow diabeticans. Enjoy.

LOL Yes, it was entertaining!!! I often visualise the little angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, both whispering to me at the same time. The embarassing part, is sometimes I answer them back out loud! LOL There used to be a show on TV called "Allie McBeal" not sure if you are familiar with it... anyway it is exactly how I am...with the "thinking outloud issue" and actuallly seeing different senarios that are usually quite amusing. If anyone actually was able to get inside my head, they could make a series of comedy shows!