Everything is now ready!

Supplies finally arrived from Animas today, pump has been sitting in its pretty box for 3 weeks. Now just need an appointment for training, I have 3 visits at Joslin approved by my insurance for this! This has been such a trial! I hope I can work with the Comfort Insets because that is what I recieved. Had my A1c @7.5 for a year. Almost cancelled the pump because of all the paperwork and addtional Dr. visits. Its all been so crazy I just recieved a 3 month supplies of Accucheck Spirit Cartridges yesterday obviously they don’t work with a Animas 2020. Oh well go with the flow - my new motto is be flexible!!

I’m excited for you. You will love it…but hang in there, a few people have a rough time at the first. You will wonder how you did “d” before the pump.