Everything new is a little bit of an experiment

I've had Type 1 diabetes for nearly 28 years, and in that time I've tried a lot of new things. With every new food or activity, there's a little bit of insulin and blood sugar experimentation that takes place... when I started running long distances, I had to learn how to take in the correct amount of carbs along the way. Then, once I had that down to a science, I switched to a pump and the whole game changed! When I finally got around to eating sushi a few years ago (I don't eat fish so it was the veggie kind) I was surprised by a gargantuan blood sugar spike (rice and seaweed, who knew?). And when I tried Bikram yoga (the kind that is taught in a 105-degree room) last week, I learned from experience that in terms of my blood sugar, it is NOT the same as a regular yoga class. A dramatic re-enactment of my blood sugar would look like this:

But, like so many random diabetes-related things, I found some answers here! I don’t post that often, but every time I have, I’ve gotten great answers from other members of the TuDiabetes community! There is a lot more anaerobic activity in Bikram, and loads more adrenaline, especially when it is your first time and in addition to not trying to pass out in the heat, you’re also trying to get into a maintain some rather difficult poses. Next time around I WON’T lower the basal rate on my Omnipod, and hopefully won’t end a tough workout famished and with a blood sugar of 300+! (the famished part sucked because… who wants to eat a big dinner when their BG is 300?)

(I wrote about the Bikram class experience on my blog www.despitemypancreas.com)