eW .... oWch ... YiK .... BLECH


That's how I feel today!

I THOUGHT I was getting better!

Think again Melissa!

I've been taking it easy the past ... however long I've been sick now (feels like a lifetime). Yesteday, I was out and about, runnin around for like 5 hours! Hadda go to the bank, then to Target to get nephew's bride to be gifts for her Bridal Shower that is tomorrow. So, I walked ALL over Target finding this and that on her registry list! Got a few things for me and the house as well. Ok, I'm done! I can go home now, YaY!

Think again Melissa!

So, I'm leaving the strip mall parking lot and there are cars EVERYWHERE! Lunch hour traffic. *sigh* So, I'm trying to figure out the best way to get outta the place, with the least amount of traffic, when I remembered I have to go to Walmart TOO! I need to pick up one of my prescriptions and get some Test Strips, since I'm OUT, and I really need to gt some food to put in this house, cuz there's like NONE! I was SO NOT overjoyed! So over the course of about 3-1/2 to 4 hours I'd walked all over Target AND Walmart. These are HUGE stores too!

I guess maybe I over did it? I know I was totally spent and slap wore out before I even left Walmart, and even didn't get a few things because I just had no desire or energy to walk around any more. Walking makes my back hurt really bad, and add to the mix that my left hip was hurting and felt like it was gonna fall out! Oh, and somewhere in Target I acquired a splitting headache! I thought I was gonna die by the time I got home and got all the groceries and stuff put away!

I rested and was feeling somewhat better. Kinda vegged the rest of the afternoon and evening. Cooked some supper, and ate. Got on the puter for a bit, then went and watched some TV, then back on the puter for a bit, then back to the TV again. My ears, BOTH of them, started plugging up! OH JOY! I HATE that! Makes me feel all off balance and stuff, yanno, and the fact that I could only half hear! Schweet! NOT!

So .... I woke up this morning feeling like all hell (and the flood gates too) broke loose in my sinuses and chest AND with an ear ache too! OH JOY!

BG this morning? 85! Yes, that's a GREAT number, and on any day I'm feeling "normal", it'd be wonderful. But today, I feel like crap, which means I don't really have an appetite.

Did what I usually do first thing in the morning, I took my NPH. Thing is, I normally drop about 10 to 20 points a couple/few hours after I take it. Waking at 95 or above, well that's fine, but anything 85 or below means I will most likely HAVE to eat (I don't like being below 70 - 75), whether I want to or not! UGH!

Most people have to fight highs when they're sick, not me, I have to fight lows! I really don't know what is better, or which I'd prefer! Probably being high ... it's easier to just take a shot to try and correct than it is to eat when you aren't hungry!

I guess I'll have to find something to eat that will bring me up a bit and sustain me for a while?

Being sick SUX yukky pond water, people!! Trust.