Exactly how noticible are the CGM's under clothing?

I’m interested in the CGM’s. I currenlty have a MInimed 712 pump and I’m looking to upgrade to the 722 which has the continuous CGM capability. What I want to know is how noticible the bulge from the CGM will be. I went to the MiniMed website and they said it was about as tall as 4 quarters, which would be a pretty noticible bulge.
Do you have to wear it in your abdomen or can you put it in your leg/arm?

I’m using the Dexcom and I know it’s got a really small sensor. But it clearly doesn’t tie into the 722.

I was on a 512 for the last 4 years and I’ve made the decision to move to the Cozmo 1800. I did try out the Animas 2020 pump but I didn’t even bother to try the 522. I’ve decided the Dexcom is being more innovative in terms of CGM systems so it makes more sense to use them. Note that I do have some shares in Dexcom, so I’m really committed to them!

It’s great to get a girls POV on the issue.
I’ll pass on the photo for now, but thanks for the offer.
Do you find that the CGM has helped you tighten up your control?
I don’t know how soon I would be able to get the CGM. I’m waiting for a call back on if my insurance will foot the bill for them or not. They’re expensive little buggers.

Hi Autumn,
I got the sensors for my 522 pump a couple weeks ago and I find them to be pretty discreet. It’s true that part of the transmitter is about as tall as 4 quarters, but not the whole thing. I haven’t had a chance to try the sensors on my legs yet, but I think they might work there. All in all I love it and would definitely recommend it. If you have any questions or want to see pics let me know!

Well it looks like I’ll have to wait a year for the sensors. I talked to the MiniMed people and since my pump warrenty runs out in a year, they recommened I wait until then, get my insurance to foot the bill for a new pump and sensors at that point.
My other option is to have my dr. write a letter, send the insurance company blood glucose logs, and latest AIc’s and any recent hospitalizaitons for low blood sugar.
I guess in January, the glucose sensors get a national insurance code so more insurances will be more likely to cover them at that point.
Financially it makes the most sense for me to wait out the year, but part of me really wants to get started on the sensors.