Exam in 6 hours and cant sleep cause my BGs low!

Great. My exam is in 6 hours, and its 2 am. I checked it out and it was 80 at 11 30; so I took a piece of a sugary cake. 45 min later, its exactly 80, still. So I took a piece of mentos. 45 min later, I felt some symptoms, and took more mentos. Now i checked it out and its in the 60s. Now what on earth am I to do in this case when I really need sleep for an important occasion the next day? I havent even taken my night insulin yet. Sometimes when I take my night insulin it also goes low soon after (which is why im planning to change my night insulin Lantus soon). I really want to take a lot of mentos and simply sleep, hoping for it to be fixed and not be overly high (which would mean no breakfast the next day, and probably no meals till afternoon).

Should I simply take more carbs at dinner? Or is there a better way to fix up a low?

Update: Now its 2:45 and its 55. Soooo I guess Im not going to have much sleep tonight. I'll be listening to The Smiths or something..

I always have the exact same problems. Always when I least want to deal with it. My CDE tweaked my basals with disasterous results yesterday and of course THAT disaster didnt happen until around 12 AM when I WANT to go to bed. Me personally when Im low like that I'd rather get my BG up and deal with it in the AM. I still eat in the AM even IF I do have to take more insulin to do it, but it works for me. Unfortunately as we all know what works for one might not necessarily work for others at all. But for me I really have to watch how much insulin I take at night cause If Im going to go low thats when it will most likely happen.

Well I could eat too, but then I'd have to wait for it to go down first, but that takes time. So I simply take insulin to correct it and run out. I then eat whenever I have time, which is usually way later. Good thing I dont get hungry all that easily. Type 1 has made me more often Forced to eat than Choosing to. I guess its good in such situations!

Hahahah I hear you. There are times literally if I ate ONCE a day I'd be happy. I just don't have a big appeitite and over the years living with this when eating becomes more of a chore I dont know it's kinda killed my appetite over the years too.

Hey, I actually had the same problem a few weeks ago. It was for a morning exam, and I had crashed before the night, during and when I woke up... my levels were 1.8 at one point, I don't really know how that converts, but I'm pretty sure I could have not ever woken up with that level. Anyway, I was so frustrated, because how was I supposed to write an exam with my brain practically pulp? So, I went to the doctor to get a note to excuse me. I don't know if that's an option for you, but I'm glad I did that because I turned out to have a great mark with having better levels two nights later. Something to keep in mind in the future? Hope that can help!