ExCarbs? by John Walsh

Is anyone following the ExCarbs recommendations put out by John Walsh?

I remember reading these several years ago and just found them again. Thinking of using ExCarbs to help get me off the roller coaster I've been on as I train for a half marathon. Curious if anyone else is using ExCarbs who might share their experiences with it.


I have never seen this before - very interesting. I don't run for very long - 3-4 miles tops but have had problems figuring out how to keep my bs level while running. I don't want to have to eat extra carbs because I'm trying to drop a few pounds. I'm doing a 8k on Thursday and I've been trying to figure out a system that works. Today I started out perfect (95) turned everything off and half way through was at 45. About 24 carbs brought it up enough to finish. I'm going to read through your link!

I am a short runner too.....2-4 mi on average with a 10k race generally the objective :) I have found that reducing my basal rate by at least 2/3rds has been very helpful. May sound crazy,but I like to be close to 200 before I run. Close to this # assures me that I will not be found along side of the road by the EMTs :) Other things I do are to wear a hippierunner.com belt..it carries my cell phone, meter. & GU gel. Yes, I over-plan & may look like a nerd, but I seem to get out there & return home...YAY!!! Keep running :) :) :)