Excersise, breakfast and bolus

Ok guys...looking for your input...my BS was 6.7 this morning...I did about 30min of light resistance training...my question is this...I tested right after the workout, my BS was 9.7....I would like to have some breakfast now but I'm not sure what to eat and if I should bolus for it? Any ideas?

You have a huge number of variables in there. Exercise in the morning. I don't even know what light resistance exercise actually is? Some of us go high from exercise, particularly anaerobic exercise. Often, your blood sugar will drop of it's own accord within an hour after exercise and often in the hours after exercise you will be more insulin sensitive. But many of us have wicked Darn Phenomenon, we go high in the morning just from breathing and exercise makes it worse and the highs can linger all day. So I have no idea. This is definitely YMMV. I think you will have to just experiment.

I found when doing the Big Blue Test starting in October that for me if I exercise in the morning, regardless of what type, be it light resistance, walking the dog, riding the exercise bicycle, I always ended up going high. Through experimentation I have discovered something that works for me. I am not suggesting it will work for everyone as YDMV, but I take 3 units of fast acting, eat 15 grams of carbs and then go exercise. My I:C ratio for breakfast is 1:5 and I don't have DP. I guess after fasting all night if I exercise without eating my liver dumps glucose in to make sure my brain doesn't starve. It's purely self preservation and the only food for the brain is glucose so the liver dumps and without insulin to use the glucose your blood sugar goes up. This is one of the reasons some clinicians recommend that PWD do not exercise first thing in the morning. But it is possible you just have to figure out what works for your particular case, as Brian said you will have to experiment.

Same here - I tried to do some cross training in the morning and my BG shot up to 250 or more. Then I tried running, because I though surely, intense cardio wouldn’t do that. Again, up to 250 in an hour. My Dr suggested that it was the liver, as previously suggested, and that I should get up earlier, eat breakfast, wait a bit, and then try exercising. Haven’t tried it yet, but I hope it works.

this line if reasoning makes alot of sense. i think the body always needs some insulin on board. when jacob ran cross country afew years back on MDI he would have a 10-15 carb snack with no insulin because we were to nervous of him dropping like a fly when he was newly diag. well he ran after school obviously with last insulin at early lunch, he almost always tested after practice in the 200's sig higher than pre ex testing, his body needed a tiny bit of insulin at that point even 1/2 a unit but he didnt want to wip out a needle at that point nor did we really being newbies but he isnt running now so we can't really test our theory he isnt crazy about the long commitment involved in after school sports even saterdays at his new school, he works out with weights now without a major inpact on his bs's. we need to turn down his pump and give him some extra food for shoveling like today ( two hours 30 bucks, diabetes success!) best wishes figuring it all out tami, i gues i would suggest as clare did small breakfast bit of insulin test test test

So this is what happened...about an hour after excercise I was up slightly 10.2 I had breakfast and bolused as normal...and I trended to b a little high for the next couple of hours nothing above a 12.2 tho...however after lunch I dropped and caught it at 4.4 and that was only about an hour and a half after eating. So I will try the same typ of routine tomorrow...see if it happens like this again and make changes if need b! The variables overwhelm me!