Excessive Bruising with Novalog

Hi I’m new looking for answers. I was diagnosed two yrs ago as t2d. Started on novalog and long acting insulins. To make a very long story short I started swelling from my belly down to my feet of 40lbs of water weight. I would take lasix and urinate it off and three days later it came back like click work. I went to every specialist you could think of had MRI’s CAT Scans of all my organs. Doctors kept passing me off to other doctors. Then I had a very traumatic event happen in my life and I did not eat for a week. Therefore I did not use insulin and mostly slept 24/7. During that week, no swelling! So a month later I tried again fasting for a week. Same result no swelling. So I knew it was the insulin. Went to allergy doc and she confirmed I was allergic to the components in long acting insulin. So Endo doc said I am not a type 2 but a type 1 bc my pancrease is producing very little insulin. So he put on Tandem pump with Novalog. I started that this past October 4th 2020. Before my pump I was injecting my novalog and had little tiny bruises at injection site on my thighs. None on my stomach just thighs and a little swelling. Didn’t think much of it. So after two weeks on pump my right upper thigh has a bruise that dsarts at top of my thigh and trails down to my knee area. My left outter thigh had bruises all where I use to give injections and upper front if thigh. Its been two months now with pump and I ended up in hospital four weeks ago with chest arm and leg pains. Did a heart cath and my heart is perfectly fine. I have been in bed now with major anxiety attacks, pain in chest arms and legs major thurst headache dizziness. All signs of reaction to Novalog. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I have a phone appt with my Endo’s PA tomorrow. I’m so tired of being in bed this is not me. If I take half a mg of xanex the anxiety feeling goes away. I’m a very active pettit person who mever really sits down always up doing something but this is kicking my butt. Amy suggestions or suggestions of different kind of insulin to ask doc about? Please I need help!!!

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Tammy, Welcome to TuDiabetes. Your post is very complex. I want to see if there are things that stand out. Please correct any points in error.

  1. fluid retention that resolved when long acting insulin removed.
  2. suffered traumatic life event, fasted a week, used little insulin, & had no swelling.
  3. started Novolog by pump 4 Oct 20.
  4. previously, injected Novolog in to thighs with tiny bruises.
  5. injected Novolog to stomach was bruise free.
  6. pump site in thigh after two weeks was bruised with tracking.
  7. clinical picture is causing stress with hospitalization in early November.
  8. heart cath clear.
  9. Novolog aggravating situation.


  1. What is reason for using thighs instead of belly for pumping?
  2. Have you discussed the preservatives and other components with your PHARMACIST?
  3. Did your allergy doc check for components of Novolog?
  4. Do you have a list of the suspect components?
  5. Are any of those components in other insulin’s formulation?
  6. Have you consulted a holistic medical prationer?

Tammy, may I also suggest you check out the forum at JDRF. It is a dot org site. There are some great people over at the JDRF forum.

Hope this helps