Ok I talked to my Animas rep again and he ordered me a pump today. So now it is definite I am getting it. He ordered me the ir 1250 as they don’t have any refurbished 2020’s yet. I got it in a pretty silver color. I am so excited and can’t wait to be a pumper.

congrats! :-), Here in the Philippines pump would cost 250,000pesos up! how are you this week?

I am flying high right now. I have been trying to get on the pump for about 2 years. First thing I had to do was get my insulin usage down and once I got that down then I started fighting with insurance to get it and lost and then the company told me they did financial assistance. I have also had some help from Sri in here. He contacted Animas on my behalf and talked to them. This is a wonderful group.

Cody I’m so pleased for you. I know you’ve wanted this for a long time - and, you never gave up. That’s great news.