Excitement is the key for today!

I’m so excited! My sweetheart is finally on his way home fore 15 day leave!
Everyone is so “ramped” up here. I am just trying to keep an even path for us. We have no idea where he is
in route. Just a quick call saying he loves us! He is gonna drive me nuts! (LOL! as if he didn’t the day he asked me to marry him.) I’m gonna be sitting here close to the phone so I don’t miss that next call.

Those are great news MeadowLark, wishing you and your family the best!

Aaaaw, that does sounds exciting MeadowLark! Hope you and your family will have a great time.

Oh how exciting hope it’s fabulous x x x

I’m sooooo totally NERVOUS! He should be calling anytime in the next 24 hours to get a ride home from the airport.
My numbers are all over the place. The kids are driving each other and me nuts.
I’m doing a taco salad for supper so that it will be easy cleanup in case he calls. I’ve decided to break the rules and let the kids have flavored popcorn in the living room with a movie. (of course, I’ll vacuum up after.)
If he calls in the morning; we’ll run out the door… well , when ever he calls; we’re gonna “fly” :slight_smile:

Sorry Guys:)
I totally sidetracked the computer! He’s home!!! I’m loving every minute that I can get with him… of course the kids and I are doing a great job of sidetracking him every other minute too:)