Exciting New Directions for Diabetes Treatment

I was watching this video on YouTube (which I learned about after reading this post in Amy’s blog) and felt really happy about the prospects about transdermal insulin delivery currently being researched in Australia.

What other initiatives do you know of that make you feel good about the future of those affected by diabetes?

Something else I just ran into, about the development of technology for cheap biosensors:

Interesting video. My excitement comes not from the treatment of a disease but a full understanding of what causes disease and the research between emotions, lifestyle, the quantum world and how these affect physical manifestations of disease and sickness. Transdermal insulin delivery will be a step up for those who are still involved in the old medicine. It’s time for a new medicine and the new medicine is a combination of psychosomatics, true understanding of what creates health inside your body and, on the patients part, a letting go of the fear that surrounds all ‘diagnoses’ and ‘prognosis’.

The amount of fear that every person has when they are given a ‘diagnoses’ further suppresses the immune system and the body, eliminating and stifling the unlimited potential that your body has. Year after year, you spiral further into this fear and belief system that your body is doing something wrong, and you have been ‘afflicted’ from an outside source, be it genetics of another family member, God punishing you or any number of excuses one has given himself to validate and understand why they ‘have’ their ‘disease’. The people giving the diagnoses are too fearful to break away from current beliefs (fear of being sued, fear of being laughed at, fear of shame, fear of the unknown). It is a vicious cycle, that many many people are a part of.

More interesting news:

My favorite page to read about new medical inventions is http://www.medgadget.com , now it is NOT diabetes specific, but it has SO many cool ideas in the making. Just search for diabetes and you will find articles, such as:

I had seen that site, but I forget about it. :slight_smile:

I was reading about the Glucoband product. They said on their site that they were going to release by this past spring… I hope they didn’t run out of fuel. I wrote to them asking for updates.

Latest I saw was they are planning to have Glucoband for sale “just in time for Christmas”. :wink:
For some people i-Phone does it, for me something like Glucoband will do.

Personally, I am most excited about the possibility of using nanotechnology to eliminate any possibility of insulin-induced hypoglycemia, plus eliminating testing and carb counting … I’d take that over a micropump any day of the week! About 3 years ago, I wrote an editorial when I still wrote for Insulin-Free TIMES, and you can read that here. More recently, I spoke with the company’s CEO, Todd Zion about progress the company was making. I recently posted an update on that here.