Excuse me do you have to do that in PUBLIC

Why do I feel so embarrassed when I lift up my shirt say in a caf'e and inject myself with insulin,I normally say to my Angel is anyone looking and try to hide the process as much as I can yet sitting opposite could be a woman breast feeding a baby,ok i have to look away because this sort of thing as not done in public in my days,it really puts me in the told codgers bracket no offence to man woman or beast,but red in the face I go just goes to show waht a sheltered life I have lived in a previous life i think I might have ben a monk,why do I think that I like long coats hold my hands together in front of me and my knees are often red from being swollen,back to injecting yourselfI have even had someone come over to me and say do you have to do that in public,all I said you have my diabetes and I will eat your sausage egg and chips,how narrow minded some people are or is it me making a specticle out of myself in public,having to inject mself 3 times a day does mean on the odd occasion I get put into these sort of situations somewhere someplace or should it be the other way around who knows who really cares.

I an from the blushing brigade where do you look when a woman opens her blouse and gets ready to feed the baby answers on a postcard to close youe eyes care of blushing blades Lapland,hope there is not such a place as I was only joking,the newspapers and TV are full of adverts for cancer,how come the screens are not full of diabetes adverts/advice and charities or do I watch the wrong TV channels,another thing which is emarrasing is when I get a hypo you all know what happens if my Angel is not about logig goes out of the window clear thinking and common sense go with it,all you want is something fast to bring your sugar levels up,is ther a machine that can fore warn you of appending hypos not sure if that is the right word, so if you are sitting opposite me in the resturant and are about to feed your baby be pre warned I will go red in the face and will not know ehre to look.

I don't take insulin so I don't know how quickly you need to eat after the injection.

I strongly suspect that it's right after you've given yourself the injection.

You have a serious medical need and it requires attention.

HOpefully with time injecting in public will seem natural to you.

I see diabetes ads on TV all the time.


If someone has the audacity to say that to you, you just look them in the eye and say: “yes, I do. Must you breathe in public? The principle is the same.” If they can’t handle needles, they don’t have to look. And you should tell them that. If someone is squeamish about it, too damn bad.

Well if you need to inject, go for it wherever. I was on insulin for about a year and I would inject in my car right before I went into the restaurant. Every once in a while I did it in public but I really did not care if someone stared. I guess it comes from my days of youth where I used to have spiked multi color hair. I was used to being looked at constantly with looks of shock.

Crazy story for me. I was getting my year end review with my lady boss in her office. She just started to breast feed right there in front of me in her office. After that I realized that some people are going to do what they need to do whenever. So if you need to inject you need to inject. After a while it does not matter. I do check sugar right in front of people at restaurants before eating.

Who cares what people think, love me, hate me, haha I really don't care. But people gotta do what they have to do... we need insulin right?... Just like a mothers baby needs to be fed even if it is embarrassing and awkward. Personally I loved watching peoples faces when I would give my shots. I would act like it really hurt just to see reactions haha don't be embarrassed because that is who you are, just like us.

Had a women in at my works lunch room suggest I take my shot in the bathroom the other night. Saw the outline of a asthma inhaler on her overly tight pants. Looked at her and asked if she runs to the bathroom to use her inhaler? "Of course not" she said.

"Good" I said "Now please extend to same courtesy to me and let me take my medication where I choose or you can keep your comments to yourself"

If you have your needles already prepared when you go out for dinner who cares what you do. I generally go right through a clean shirt, it takes only a second or I even do it right in the arm and don't care what any moron says about it. If they do say something, just say "I'm a diabetic and need my shots to live."