Excuse me waiter there is a pea in my soup,no kidding Sir there is a fly in my eye

The mist is very thick visibility is down to about 6 feet not like the smog I can remember in the 60s when they use to be called Pea Soupers so thick you could have cut it up like a sponge cake,bumping into people was a daily hazard everyone trying to find where they were going buses stopped in fact all traffic stopped on some occasions as a teenager it as great fun take a girl out on a date she would hang on to you like glue in case she got separated and wondered off mind you I remember a couple of girls I dated who I wished would have got lost,not a nice thing to say but I really knew how to pick them, as a 15 year old just out of school I thought I was the bees knees knew everything,at that age all you want is to be loved have someone head over heels about you not that I ever had anyone like that anyway until I was 18 but that is another tale, back to the soup if you have ever had green pea soup you will know how thick it can be not like the stuff you get these days in tins,smudge is being sick so I am trying not to give her any breakfast but she is persistent she has the cupboard door open and is dragging a tub of food out onto the floor, sorry girl I tel her but it will make you sick she looks at me with those big black eyes trying to hypnotize me into giving into her but on this occasion I am like a rock a stick of rock long round full of sugar shouting out to me eat me eat me.

The mist is going now but for a while I was back in my home town on my way to work feeling my way in the fog imagining Dracula was waiting behind every bush well you do at that age don’t you,when the Government introduced smokeless zones the big pea soupers slowly dispersed you do not see them very much these days well not here anyway,time for pills victoza so be back in a jiffy…all done one small pin prick in my tummy one giant swallow and all the pills disappear only insulin to take with my toast later,there must have been so much mischief done in those pea soupers,no chance of taking a long walk down memory lane in the ground mist we get these days.