Excuse me waiter there is an icicle in my soup

When you get icicles forming inside the gazebo outside it must be cold,got them hanging from the drainpipes shed but never seen ones inside our gazebo,is there a new ice age dawning and no one has bothered to tell us,snow fell on the top of the gazebo then it must has melted a bit and froze in mid air,well on its way downwards not got a very scientific brain since I got diabetes and hart failure not sure if I got a brain at all, I drop a lot of stuff,and have got into the habit of leaving running taps on causing more than one disaster in the kitchen,as you may have read the roads paths are very difficult to traverse I like that word traverse,have to look it up when I get a spare moment or two,any way without more ado here is our 11th wonder of the World the icicle Forrest.