Execution Errors

Let me start by stating that while I have little difficulty fitting and sewing structured costumes and historical garb for myself, I am perpetually challenged by the repetitive identity of geometric configurations that is known as piecework quilting. I can figure out a basic design, consider the most efficient method of cutting and sewing the fabrics, true up the individual pieces and motifs... and still, when everything is sewn together, it is more happy circumstance than careful planning that keeps these motifs aligned.

And so it is with my glucometer quilt.

Any person familiar with quilting will see where the motifs are not lined up correctly; closer inspection will confirm motifs that have wandered off at non-right angles, and despite my best efforts, bubbles and inconsistencies in the one-yard by one-yard project.

Truth be told, some of this is due to suboptimal decisions I made in the the piecing plan -- I chose to piece two of the diagonally-split rectangles with the diagonal on the straight of grain, and the sides off-grain; some is due to my assumption that quilters -- unlike heirloom-sewers -- accept cut lengths of fabric as if they were always exactly on-grain; and some is my lack of skill and patience in the execution.

And then there is another aesthetic issue: without latticework or sashing, each glucometer motif seems to melt into the next. If I choose to repeat this design, I will need to make sure there are at least two different colors of glucometer body, or that there is some separation between the motifs.

Construction issues notwithstanding, I figure I owe it to those of you following this thread a look at a first, amateur realization of this design.

hey, tmana, valiant effort there! As a long time quilter, I know how difficult that design would be to piece. Your idea to use sashing would look really good, I think.

Great effort. I personally am a fan of sashings, and the two different colors of meters will help too. But in the end, it will do its job of keeping someone warm. :slight_smile: