"Executive decision" about testing times

The initial guidelines given to me at the doctor last Monday (right after diagnosis) were to test my blood-glucose on a staggered schedule like this:

Day 1: After breakfast, before lunch
Day 2: Before lunch, after lunch
Day 3: After lunch, before dinner
Day 4: Before dinner, after dinner
Day 5: Before breakfast, after breakfast
(post-prandials are all two hours after eating)
(etc, etc)

My guidelines were that the pre-prandial should be no more than 100 and the post-prandial should be no more than 140. (I understand that these numbers are higher than most people now recommend)

I think his rationale was that he wanted to see what my pre-prandial / fasting numbers were to get a baseline, and he also wanted to save me some money on strips.

Well after looking at my numbers for a week and a half, I have made the executive decision to do something different.

My pre-prandial numbers are almost never off. The exception is if I had a snack between meals, which usually puts it slightly higher than 100 (like 109).

Based on that, and on the fact that post-prandial numbers are a better predictor of problems later on, I am going to stop the pre-prandial checking (except for maybe spot-checking once a week), and I’m instead going to test at the one-hour and two-hour post-prandial interval. I will do that until I figure out which number is consistently higher (I think it’s the one-hour) and then I will just start testing there.

I also like the idea of doing it one meal at a time, so that I can figure out what to eat for that meal. Breakfast for one week, lunch the next week, dinner the next week, and then recycle. That will only have me using one strip a day (once I figure out my peak time) and will probably give me better guidance than only hitting each meal every third day.

I’m sure if there are any fatal flaws with my plan, someone will let me know. :slight_smile:

If it was me( and it has been) I recommend you test as the doctor suggested for two weeks and keep track of all carbs eaten during the day and as detailed as possible. I would also suggest you test immediately before bedtime and again immediately upon waking the next day. This will tell you if you are experienceing the “dawn effect”. Abbot has an excellent program to to all those things and it has a decent database of foods and carb values that I found invaluable for tracking carb intake. It also has the values for fast food items…
I pasted the internet site of the program below. If clicking on it doesn’t take you straight to the download, just copy/paste it and it should take you there straight away. Also, the are giving away two of their meters with 10 strips. It seems to be very accurate. The Freestyle lite ist tiny and it has a port light and is backlit. really handy features when testing at 3 am.
Oh, BTW, if you call accuchek, they will send you the new Compat Plus with two drums of strips. I REALLY like this one! Their number is 800-858-8072.
What ever you do, download the software. It has ben invaluable to me and it is free.



Thanks Danny! I have sent off for the free Freestyle Lite already, as well as a free Onetouch Mini. I did that the first day I was diagnosed.

I have tested before breakfast (probably 1.5 hours after I woke up) and my BS has not been high. I am honestly trying to conserve strips right now because I pay out of pocket.

The annoying thing about the doctor’s suggestion is that I don’t seem to have very high numbers before meals, so why should I waste the strips? Also I could kick myself for not keeping track of my meals, but he didn’t ask me to do it and I didn’t think of it for the first few days. When I have had post-prandial spikes, I remember what I ate.